Iron. We all know we need it. It’s the critical stuff in our red blood cells that helps carry oxygen from our lungs to everywhere in our body. Without it, we feel tired, weak, and we can even be at risk of anemia. Every day, men need at least 8 mg in their diet, whereas women need upwards of 18 mg (or 27 mg if pregnant). That’s a lot of iron! So how do we get it?

Here’s 5 ways to get your daily iron.

Spirulina seaweed

Feeling green today? If you like seaweed, good news - it’s incredibly high in iron! All you need is just 85 grams of it to get 28 mg of iron.


If seaweed isn’t your thing, perhaps seafood is? Indulge on some oysters and get the iron you need. You’ll need to eat a few though - if you’re a man, you need to eat approximately 4 and if you’re a woman, you’ll need more like 10.


Sink your teeth into some beef for your daily iron dose. 115 grams of beef will get you 3 mg of iron, so you’ll need to eat a pretty decent sized steak to get what you need (at least a 350 gram sized one!).


If beef isn’t for you, try turkey! Turkey has the same iron content per gram as beef, so you’ll need a good sized portion of turkey (over 350 grams) to satisfy your daily requirement.


If you’re a vegan or you just don’t like seafood, these options won’t work for you. But don’t worry, teff will! With the same iron content per gram as red meat, teff will get you your daily iron, plus calcium, plus protein, plus probiotics and a whole host of other health benefits.

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