As a kid, pancakes are the weekend breakfast, lunch or dinner that you get excited about. But as an adult, not so much, because they’re not that healthy, right? 


Including teff in your pancakes can make them much’ll be able to up your iron, protein and calcium levels, for starters, plus much more. So could it be time to start making pancakes a weekly staple again? Here are 3 x gluten-free recipes for mouth-watering pancakes that will have the kids - and you - coming back for more: 

1. Banana Teff Pancakes with Mango Ice Cream 

Have you ever thought of adding chia to your pancakes? Well, now you have! This incredible recipe created for us by @cleanse_with_ciara is a true delight. Featuring our brown teff flour, plus chia seeds, banana, coconut, and cinnamon, plus a mango and peanut-butter ice-cream, you’ll instantly fall in love with this delicious concoction. 

Here’s the recipe.

2. Coconut Teff Pancakes

What’s better than chia in pancakes? Nutmeg, of course! If you’re wondering what that might taste like, then try this recipe! Combining our brown teff flour with coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla extract plus much more, this tantalizing recipe will have your tastebuds singing! 

And it’s our very own creation! See it here.

3. Good old lemon and sugar 

Don’t feel like cooking anything fancy? We hear you! That’s the exact reason why we created our gluten-free teff pancake mix. Nothing fancy needed, just add eggs and milk (or vegan equivalents!) and you’re all set! 

Naturally, you can use our pancake mix with just about anything. Maybe you’re a lemon and sugar girl. Or you’re a butter man? Whatever takes your fancy, use our pancake mix to create it!