Working on a farm is hard work. You get so hungry, and meals aren’t need snacks. Whatever you do, we’re sure you feel the same...snacks help you get through the day! 

But not all snacks are created equal. Many are sugary or salty, and not that good for you. 

But not our snacks! If you’re hungry at any time of day, here are 3 x nutritious and delicious teff bars and balls that will help you get your daily much more! 

1. Oaty Teff Protein Balls

Teff ivory flour, oats, puffed rice, cranberries...mmm, this recipe really does delight the sense! Our very own creation, these protein balls not only taste great, but help you stay full! 

Here’s our recipe.

2. Soft Choc Orange Protein Balls 

Chocolate is the best snack. But can it be healthy?!? Yes it can. By combining our teff grain with orange zest, cacao powder, coconut water and a few other things, you can create the best-tasting, healthiest chocolate snack ever. 

Here’s our very own recipe.

3. Honey Teff Bars

We love honey so we love these bars, plain and simple. Featuring our very own ivory teff flour, plus honey, flax seeds, cacao nibs and coconut, these beautiful bars really eaten to be seen to be believed. 

The wonderful @WholesomePattiserie created this recipe for us, here it is.